Did You Know?

Did you know that Whitsunday is a pagan feast, too? Yes, it was a feast for cleaning the fountains- Brunnenreinigungsfest. It was kinda an honor feast for Barabara- Hel- Frau Holle and for the inner and outer cleaning of our holy grail, our body.

Yes, the holy grail is real, but it is our body and we should cherrish and honor it! 

Take a long walk outside, look for a river, a small creek or rivulet with a bridge (bridges- connections of two worlds- Heimdall- does that stir something? ^^) calm your thoughts, lay down on the bridge if possible, let yourself, your conscious being go. Just let GO! Relax and let yourself float into the water, float with it, let it do the cleaning!

Take your time and enjoy the meditation. I like to write my experiences down, when I am done. It helps me organizing all the pictures I’ve seen. 

If you like, we can share our experiences here 😉

Bright Blessings,



About avarra

Born on the fourth of July, raised in Germany and Austria, intended to do business studies, found out that I hated it, quit it and went elswhere ;) Found a husband, created two lovely children and now being a mom and full time workaholic at the scandinavian blue and yellow furniture store...
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